Coaches Corner


Code of Conduct

The objectives of FGSA include facilitating the development of positive sportsmanship, honesty, and good citizenship in the young girls in our community.

To further these objectives, it is important that FGSA coaches, FGSA players, parents of FGSA players, and spectators of FGSA events conduct themselves in a manner consistent with FGSA’s mission and vision. The following is a code of conduct that is expected of all coaches, players, parents and spectators while attending FGSA events.Please note that violating this code of conduct may result in removal from the league.

Enthusiastic and positive support of all players, teams and coaches as well as respect for the authority of officials are required at all times.

The following will be deemed unacceptable forms of behavior at FGSA events:

  • Negative, profane and/or personalized language, conduct or gestures towards any and all players, coaches, officials and other spectators;
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct such as booing, taunting and/or offensive language directed at any player, coach, official or spectator, or refusal to shake hands with the opposing team;
  • Aggressive and/or hostile behavior – including yelling, ridiculing and/or fighting – toward any and all players, coaches, officials and other spectators;
  • Any physical behavior that would be perceived to  endanger the health, safety, and wellbeing of the players, coaches, officials and other spectators;
  • The use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on any property being used by FGSA.

Any game official, or FGSA official may remove from the park any player, manager, coach, or spectator who demonstrates an act or acts of unacceptable behavior as provided above.

Discussions with managers and/or coaches regarding any and all issues will be conducted in a respectful manner at a time and place set forth by the manager and/or coach. These discussions will not take place during or immediately after a game or an event.

All persons who have either demonstrated acts of unacceptable behavior or have been removed from the park will be subject to a review by the FGSA Board of Directors in accordance with the by-laws of FGSA.

  • Penalties may include a formal warning, suspension or expulsion from FGSA games or events depending on the severity of the act.
  • Law enforcement will be called if any threat of violence is involved or perceived in any way.
  • FGSA reserves the right to deny the registration of any player, parent or coach who has been in violation of this code of conduct.

All players, parents and spectators should be considerate with respect to smoking/vaping and the use of tobacco in any form. We request that everyone refrain from vaping, or using tobacco anywhere that is in close proximity to FGSA infield playing areas, team benches/dugouts, batting cages and the athletes.

All parents are asked to remember that all of the FGSA coaches are volunteers, respect the fact that they are willing to give so much of their time to your child.

Fairborn Girls Softball Association plays as part of the South Dayton Softball League

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